How to Clean and Sanitize Bathroom Before Moving Out

How to Clean and Sanitize Bathroom Before Moving Out - If you are looking for tips to help clean your bathroom before moving out. Then in this blog, we will discuss How to Clean and Sanitize Bathroom Before Moving Out. For taking care of health from the harmful bacteria that grow in your bathrooms. So, there are lots of benefits of a clean and healthy home, if you are cleaning your home regularly then it may require a lot of time and energy as well. 

Everybody is concerned about the cleanliness of their houses and mainly concerned about the bathrooms. Also, bathrooms lurk with the harmful bacteria and germs, from the shower curtains to your counters, tile grouts to a toilet sink, a toothbrush holder to a bathtub, and other major appliances. Some harmful bacteria on your grimy bathroom surfaces can be dangerous to humans, such as gram-positive cocci & antibiotic-resistant gram-negative rods that cause skin allergies, pneumonia, and septicemia. However, removing hard water deposits, grime, and rust strains won’t be enough. What you have to do is to do sanitize every contaminated surface using the proper products before handing over your leased property to the landlord. 

Here, are some of the tips to clean and sanitize the bathroom before moving out. 

Tips To Clean and Sanitize Bathroom Before Moving Out?

1. Get Rid Of Clutter 

Before starting the cleaning process of your bathrooms, firstly you have to clear the mess and unnecessary items. Then do the following thing to de-clutter your bathrooms. Then you have to the things like change dirty hand towels and face towels then toss the empty bottles of conditioner, body wash, shampoo, facewash, etc. After that remove the shower curtains and wash them properly for use again. And importantly throw 3 months old brushes and boring new ones. Therefore inspect the area properly and get rid of items that you no longer need or are not in use. 

2. Start With Shower Cleaning 

Starting with the shower is the time to eliminate the build-up grime, soap residue, and stubborn stains from your shower and the glass door in the bathroom. For taking back the shinning of your showerhead, put a bit of grease and use safe, sound products to get the original shine of your showerhead. We are also sharing the homemade solutions for cleaning the head shower are mixing white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and warm water mixing all three ingredients, and then putting this solution into the spray bottle for the cleaning process. Then spraying the solution for 10 minutes may also do a wonderful job for your shower. Then use an abrasive sponge to remove mildew from your shower walls. 

3. Disinfect Your Bathtub and The Deep Cleaning Process 

The dirty bathtub could attract harmful germs and bacteria that cause severe health-related problems. It is important to remove the mineral deposits, soap scum, and rust stains from your bathtub using hydrogen peroxide and a warm water solution. For removing the stubborn strain with the homemade product the 3% of hydrogen peroxide and warm water are the perfect solution. For disinfecting or killing germs, you may either use an approved disinfectant or just sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the surface. As it, has anti-bacterial properties that may help to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria. After doing the same process make sure you scrub off the surface and then rinse it with plain water. 

4. Clean the Toilet Bowl 

It is very important to clean the toilet bowl, as this is the place where lots of bacteria grow. For cleaning the toilet bowl pour white vinegar and some hot water into the toilet bowl and the other areas. Then leave it for 5-8 minutes and scrub off using the toilet cleaner to remove the hard strains, rust, and some other stains. Repeat this process until you receive sparkling results from your toilet seat. You have to make sure you are doing a deep clean and disinfecting all the areas of your toilet before the rental inspection if you want to retrieve your rental property or get your bond money back. Or you may also look for the most trusted bond cleaners in Brisbane, Australia in such conditions when you are not sure how to carry out the cleaning chores. 

5. Wipe Out All The Hard Surfaces 

Don’t forget to clean the counter, faucets, towel rails, and toothbrush holder to kill germs and other bacteria. Spray the cleaning solution and then wipe out all the surfaces using a clean microfiber cloth. After doing all this, then polish your mirror and run a squeegee to achieve clean streak-free results. 

6. Tile Grout Cleaning 

The tiles' grouts may harbor nast stairs, mildew, and mold that can become stubborn if you do not clean them regularly. Well, you can try this tried and tested solution for your filthy bathroom tiles. Here, the steps for making the solution for cleaning the grout between the tiles is to apply hot soapy water to them. Then spray the white vinegar solution, and let it sit for 40-50 minutes. Now after some time pour some amount of baking soda and scrub it using your old toothbrush. Again, leave it for another 20 minutes before rising. Then, do a deep cleaning of your bathroom. 

7. Neatley Arrange the Iteams Where They Belong

After cleaning the bathroom, and all surfaces are dry now, then it's the best time to arrange the items. Line up all the bottles, facewash, baskets, and other iteams neatly in the shower area, or tub, sink, and shelves, from where belong. If you come across products and other items that are not in use for a long time then put them in a cabinet or throw them away. As there is no need to keep the unused containers around, crowding the tub and in the sink area. 

8. Regularly Cleaning Of Your Bathrooms is Necessary

If you are cleaning your bathrooms regularly then this is the best for you to keep your time managed properly at the time you leave the property. Additionally, this is beneficial for your health as well. Clean bathrooms are good to use and for your health benefits as you are cleaning your bathrooms on a regular basis then it has less time to grow harmful bacteria.  


In this blog, we have discussed How to Clean and Sanitize Bathroom Before Moving Out. We hope this information is beneficial for you. Deep cleaning and disinfecting your bathrooms because it is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. This will also help you to impress your property owner and get the full bond money back. The toilest of your homes and offices give a positive impression and also increase the likelihood of getting your bond money back. In such condition you are unable to do the cleaning process yourself then hire a team of professionals that will give the assurance of bond money. 

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